Salem Paige (they/them) is a transgender poet whose works revolve around the exploration of identity, technology, space, nature, and discomfort. “In the world of Salem Paige, poetry becomes a vehicle for transformation, a medium through which we can uncover the hidden layers of our own existence and find solace in the shared narratives of the human experience.” – Sunday Mornings at the River

Paige has been shortlisted for the Bridport Poetry Prize and longlisted for the ROOM Poetry Prize. Their poems have been published in BiPan magazine, flo. literary magazine, STREETCAKE magazine, and others.
Paige lives and works on Algonquin Anishinaabe territory (so-called Ottawa, Ontario), where they spend time napping excessively, binging reality tv, and annoying their partner and their two cats. They can be found as @corpseofapoet on instagram and twitter.
hi! i'm salem paige :)

i'm a queer, trans, twenty-two year old designer and web publisher living on unceded Algonquin Anishinaabeg land. i spend a lot of my time writing poetry about my discomfort, napping, and watching a little more than the recommended dose of trashy reality TV. i love the occult, the macabre, the strange / disturbing / absurd, and i try to bring those elements into a lot of my writing. i have a great interest in sci-fi and dystopian poetry and short fiction and hope to publish some of my own soon!

so far, i've had poems published in a number of literary journals and art magazines including the Ariel Chart Literary Journal, and contributed two poems to the FACES 2022 Best New Book of the Year, Love and Catastrophē Poetry.

i hope you enjoy my work


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